Have you ever run the Berlin Marathon? Probably. Maybe more than once? Ten times? Will anyone offer more? Wilfried Koehnke, volunteer for the Berlin Wall Race from day one, can remember quite well when he did not run the Berlin Marathon – in particular at the première in 1974. Back then he was only a spectator. As he was in 1982, when a rupture prevented him from starting. Apart from that, the man from Pritzwalk has participated in every Berlin Marathon – in total 40 times! And by that, Wilfried is the only record holder, followed by the winner of the first Berlin Marathon, Guenter Hallas, who accomplished 38 Berlin Marathons in his eventful runner’s life.


By the way, let’s mention the best time of Wilfried Koehnke, because it is really noteworthy: 2:44 hours during the Berlin Marathon in 1985. At the 100Meilen Wilfried has never been at the starting line, but he emphasizes his endurance qualities in the position of the team leader for the aid station „Osdorfer Strasse“ in the south of Berlin, and is doing so since 2011 already. Together with this friends from the Police Sports Club, the record holder is not lacing his shoes, but preparing food, serving water or cutting bananas. Like this year. We are looking forward to it, dear Wilfried!