We are very delighted to welcome Werner Sonntag again at the Berlin Wall Race this year. The ultra running pioneer has been our special guest and supporter at all the WernerSonntagWall Races till today. Werner, who is turning 90 next year, will again hike some of the  course passages and keep his fingers crossed for all participants! Everyone longing for an autograph should use the chance: Werner will join the briefing on Friday, 14 August, and the award ceremony on Sunday (16 August) at the Ramada Hotel at Alexanderplatz.

Werner became famous by his book „Irgendwann mußt du nach Biel“ (At one time you have to go to Biel), which was the trigger for many runners to run the 100km race in Switzerland. Through Werner – that is allowed to be said – Biel became the famous classic run that it is today. Werner was a active runner himself, of course: In 1982 he participated in „Deutschlandlauf“ (a race across Germany), meaning 1092km in 20 days. He won his age group (M60) at the Senior European 100 km Championship in 1993. In 1989 and 1990 Werner became the oldest finisher at Spartathlon in Greece.