In 2011, at the Wall Race premiere, the running twins Jan Prochaska and Michael Vanicek won the race, in 2013 it was the Thuringian Peter Flock’s turn and last year the British runner Mark Perkins prevailed with a sensational course record. And among the top ten of the Wall Race finisher have always been the ultra runners from Italy. Two years ago Frederico Borlenghi and Giovanni Torelli came in second and third, Vito Intini and Vincenzo Tarascio completed the strong Italian performance in fourth and fifth place.

In 2014 Marco Bonfiglio eventually became a talking point when he won the second place, the same for Luca Mostabilini on place seven. But an Italian victory did not yet happen on the Wall Trail.

marco bonfiglioThis might change this year, since the endurance athletes from the South will be represented by a top team. Frederico Borlenghi is calling the challenge again, as is Luca Morstabilini. And right now we received the message, that Marco Bonfiglio is joining in. His great form was given proof at the Graveyard 100 last weekend in the USA. The 37-year old won the 100 miles and set a new course record in 13:01:53 hours! Congratulations, Marco!