With the Berlin Wall Race the running association “LG Mauerweg” wants to take a stand against oblivion. For more than 28 years the Berlin Wall between East and West separated family and friends. With every step along the former border the runners commemorate the division of Berlin and the numerous victims it has caused.

In addition to the Berlin Wall Race the running club LGM invites everybody interested in history, not only participant, but also their families and friends for a special run – for the „Commemorative and Reflective Run” on Thursday, 13 August, at 6:00 pm. This run on the anniversary of the construction of the Berlin Wall is led by LGM Event Manager Harald Reiff. Meeting place is the S-Bahn station Wilhelmsruh.  From there the route goes along the Mauerweg to Brandenburg Gate. This will be a group run at a comfortable pace (11 min./mile) with short brakes and explanations of the history of the wall also in English. The organizing running club will provide transport of (small) gear and drinks at the finish.  Participation is free of charge, but we ask for advance registration for this run until 10 August – an email to lauftreff@lgmauerweg.de is sufficient.  Thanks!

Bernauer Straße, beleuchtet in der Dämmerung

Bernauer Strasse, Copyright: Stiftung Berliner Mauer/Homuth

More about the history of the Wall can be experienced the following day, on Friday, 14 August, at 10:00 am during a guided tour at the Berlin Wall Memorial. The Berlin Wall Memorial is the central memorial site of German division, located in the middle of the capital. Situated at the historic site on Bernauer Strasse, it extends along 1.4 kilometers of the former border strip. The memorial contains the last piece of Berlin Wall with the preserved grounds behind it and is thus able to convey an impression of how the border fortifications developed until the end of the 1980s. Meeting point for the guided tour (English and German, duration approx. 1 hour) offered by our partner, the Berlin Wall Foundation, is the Visitor Center at 119, Bernauer Strasse, at the corner to Gartenstrasse. Stiftung Berliner Mauer querPlease register via email to international@100Meilen until 18 July.

On Friday, 14 August, our friendship run will take place as well. This will be the last opportunity to get to know a part of the course (5 km) just ahead of the Berlin Wall Race. Meeting point for this informal warm-up (Pace approx. 11.2 min./mile) is at 12:00 noon in front of the visitor center of the Berlin Wall Memorial, at the corner of Bernauer Strasse and Gartenstrasse. The run will end at the Ramada-Hotel at Alexanderplatz. There is no registration required – just show up and run with us!