The health of the runners has always been a main and important concern of the organizers of the Wall Race. Already at its first edition in the year 2011 the 100Meilen have been supported by a professionel paramedics team. And with Dr. Carsten Boelke, an ultra running experienced race doctor volunteered with lots of passion for the past years. Thank you, Carsten!

Dr. Thomas Thouet (r.) is the new 100Meilen race doctor, here talking to Dr. Ronald Musil and Olaf Ilk from the org team

This year there will be a major change: With Dr. Thomas Thouet, a sport physician and senior physician of the Berlin Charité will take over the medical coordination. He will be supported by an experienced team, one of them being sports physician and 2016 German Champion over the 50 km distance, Dr. Paul Schmidt.

And another interesting fact from the Charité: The sports medical FAMOS Berlin study (fatigue in ultra marathon oberservation study), which was started last year, will be continued in 2017. In 2016 22 runners participated, which is quite tremendous for an ultra race. Interim results of the study are not yet available.