Since 2013 a close and creative cooperation between the Wall Race and the artistic initiative East Side Gallery has been established. The initiative does not only speak up for the interests of ESG artists, but seeks to preserve the world wide unique and popular open air gallery.

IMG_2123And since 2013 it has been tradition for a painting from the ESG to decorate the particular finisher shirt of the Wall Race. After Kani Alavis “Es geschah im November” (“It happened in November” in English) and “The Wall” by Lance Keller, the picture by the Leverkusener artist Peter Lorenz will be visible on the finishers’ chests in 2015.

The nameless art piece shows the Brandenburg Gate, the red Soviet star as well as the colors of the US flag – symbols which stand for the construction and at the same time for the later fall of the Wall. Like all the other paintings the artwork originates from 1990. “I am very proud to have my picture chosen and thus have the memory of the Wall kept alive”, the Leverkusener says, who has lived in Berlin for two years.

Peter Lorenz plans to join the Wall Race next summer no matter what maIMG_2125y come. Not as a runner, though, but at the aid station directly next to his wall painting at the East Side Gallery. And he comes along with a basis for running: The shirt of the Leverkusener Half Marathon was designed by him. And he has already run the 21 kilometers himself. “But I will leave it at that”, Peter grins.