A simple wooden cross is placed in Berlepschstrasse in Zehlendorf, directly at the bus station. Close by, the death strip ran along till the fall of the Wall. And at this place Karl-Heinz Kube died on 16 December 1966 in an escape attempt. Karl-Heinz was only 17 years old. Representative for all the other victims of the Wall, the Wall Race will commemorate his faith in 2016. The finisher medal is going to show his image.

Karlheinz-Kube-kleinerKarl-Heinz Kube was born on 10 April 1949 in Ruhlsdorf near Berlin. After graduation from high school he worked at the VEB Industriewerk Ludwigsfelde. Together with his 18-year old friend Detlev, he made plans to escape. Both decided to search for a way towards West in Kleichmachnow. In the evening hours of 16. December 1966 it is about time: Equipped with a wire cutter they successfully overcome the first separation barrier. At the fence Karl-Heinz and Detlev are discovered by a patrol of the border guards. Both escape to a trench at first, where they attract the attention of another patrol. While Detlev stays unharmed, Karl-Heinz is hit by bulletts in the head and chest. His parents are informed about the incident:“Your son provokingly participated in a border crossing, was harmed during this incident and succumbed to his injuries.“

The shooters, who fired 40 bullets in total, have already in December 1966 been honored with the „medal for exemplary boarder duty“ and the „achievement emblem of the borader troops“ and got invited to a cold buffet.