Naturally the bear is of tremendous symbolic significance in Berlin. He is the characteristic element of the city arms, at the Berlinale he is made of gold. And at the Wall Race bears are awarded to the first prize winners. Not any bears, but the world famous Buddy Bär by Dr. Klaus Herlitz in a – and that is something special – selected version. Why selected? Because every Buddy Bär is individually manually crafted and thus a real unique – in 2014 for instance with different excerpts from „The Wall“.

This is t2014-11-21 18.38.39he image which the US artist Lance Keller painted to a piece of the Wall at the East Side Gallery. Template was the album cover of the famous rock band „Pink Floyd“. Thus at every Wall Race another art piece from the East Side Gallery is honored, of course again next year. Next year’s motif will be announced soon.

By the way, our picture shows the winners of the 2person relay competition in 2014, the team „Spreeläufer“ with Ralf Häsemeyer and Stefan Klos. Subsequently again congratulations from the whole 100MeilenBerlin team!