Based on the number of registered runners, Italy is already far ahead. Out of 104 competitors from abroad, 26 come from Italy. One is the top-athlete Marco Bonfiglio, who finished 2nd last year. It’s not unlikely, that he’ll set a new track record, though this was established just last year by Mark Perkins from Great Britain in an amazing time of 13 hours and 6 minutes.

13 competitors from Great Britain registered, ahead of Austria (11), Danmark (10) and the United States. But also runners from Nigeria, India, Japan, Australia and Tunesia will start for the fourth 100MeilenBerlin. In total, 340 solo runners and together with the relay teams more than 650 runners will be on the BerlinWallTrail – a new record.

Among them, there are seven runners, who will join the race over 160.9 km around former West-Berlin for the fourth time: John Kupferschmidt, Stefan Bicher, Kay Giese, Guenter Liegmann, Klaus „Keule“ Neumann, HaWe Rehers and Rene Wallesch.