Last year Sigrid Eichner, 73 years old back then, has been the oldest participant. In an interview with the journal “Spiegel” a few months ago, when the Berliner was asked about her goals, she responded: to IMG_0837finish and not to be the last one.

What might have sounded like a funny statement of a far from realistic and elderly woman, was taken very serious by Sigrid. When much younger people had to strike their colors early, the experienced ultra runner hung in the race till the finish. In the end the stop watch showed a total time of 28:12 hours, thus almost two hours within time limit.

Overall 16 Wall Runners had been slower than the native Dresdner.

And this year the running great is on the entry list again. But the Wall Race is just an interim stop on her way to her main goal: With the Berlin Marathon, shortly before her 75th birthday, the total number of the marathons and ultra competitions she has run in her life will match the number of her year of birth: 1940!!