The Berlin Wall Race with its 100miles is not only an athletic challenge, but an event that addresses the history of the Berlin Wall.

At the beginning of the race a symbol of hope is given: Shortly before the runners reach Brandenburg Gate (km 7), which the runners will pass through for the first
MauerAbbau1040_Fotortime at a Wall Race, they will come upon a wall consisting of wooden bricks. Following the Berlin Wall Runners‘ motto „running without borders“, this wooden wall will be torn down piece by piece, it will literally be „run down“. Each participant can take a brick and carry it through Brandenburg Gate. Ultimately the wall will have completely disappeared.

An initiative of the city administration of Teltow at the first changeover point at the Jahnsporthalle (Jahn gym, km 59) is a sign of commemoration. The wall victim Karl-Heinz Kube is remembered there, who was shot dead in 1966 close to the gym at the age of only 17 years. A small exhibition is presented at the changeover point that displays the history of his escape attempt. Furthermore, the runners have the possibility to write down their thoughts about the fate of the numerous wall victims (at least 138) and the conquest of the German separation. Those postcards will later be attached to helium balloons and sent to the sky, and thus to the world. Besides that, the finisher medal shows the portrait of Karl-Heinz Kube.