Being a biathlete and cross-country skier, Verena Bentele has won everything there is to win. Now the 32 year old is ready for a new challenge, namely the Berlin Wall Race 2015.  Together with active members of the sport club Lebenshilfe Berlin e.V. and the Karower Dachse Bentele will start in a 4-person inclusion relay. Inclusion relay means that people with and without disabilities form a team.

Verena Bentele has won in total 12 times paralympic Gold for Germany as a biathlete and cross-country skier, she made it to the top position of the winners podium 5 times during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Since January 2014 the blind by birth athlete from the Bodensee has been Commissioner for the Disabled of the German Government. Furthermore she is committed as ambassador of CBM (previously Christian Blind Mission) as well as for the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

Already at the 100Meilen 2014 athletes of the Lebenshilfe and Dachse participated in a 10plus relay in the Wall Race, joined by the marathon world record holder of the blind, Regina Vollbrecht. Since the inquiry has tremendously increased, the Lebenshilfe team around Thomas Kaupel will field 3 relays for the upcoming race, i.e. two 4person relays and again a 10plus relay.

The relay competitions exist since the second edition of the Berlin Wall Race. In 2015 the individual teams have to cover different distances again: The 4person relays have changeover points at km 34, 71 and 103 at the respective stations in Henningsdorf, Sacrow and Teltow, the 2person relays at km 71. However the changeover points for the 10plus relays (teams with 10 to 28 runners) are not fix, passing of the baton is possible at every aid station.

In 2014 the victory of the 2-competition was awarded to the relay “Spreeläufer” with a total time of 15:38 hours, within the 4-teams the team “Zugspitz-Trailer” was on step ahead  on the 160,9 kilometer in 14:01. Winning 10plus team was “Schleusenläufer” from SV Woltersdorf together with Sparthalon winner Stu Thoms in 14:10 hours.