The 100MeilenBerlin are not the only occasion to experience the Berlin Wall Trail with running shoes on. It’s also possible to run in stages or with a running group.

The first event will be quite soon, at the end of May. On 27 and 28 May, the so called „Generalprobe“ or dress rehearsal will take place. This means two legs are scheduled, each day the running distance will be 50 kilometers. The runners will stay in one group, the running association LG Mauerweg will provide several aid stations along the way.

Two months later, 22 July, the Berlin Wall Trail Night-Run will start. This is now a true classic and quite soon fully booked. The run goes over a distance of 65 kilometers and is held as a group run as well. The highlight is the joint breakfast the next morning.

Those loving multiple stage runs with some competitive character, should already mark the days 30 September to 2 October and register early. This is the date of the Berlin Wall Trail Tour. On three days, the runners complete the whole Berlin Wall Trail. The registration fee includes catering, accommodation is optional. The first tour was started in 2010 (image) and was some kind of a initial test for the first 100MeilenBerlin.