Even the org team of the Wall Race was quite surprised at the great demand for the relay competitions. Earlier this week the last one of the 25 starting positions of the 4-person relays had been taken by the “Weight Watchers” from Herford (we reported earlier).

On the one hand the organizer is thrilled, but on the other hand some people who eagerly planned to register with a relay team are disappointed, since they are too late now. Nevertheless, to allow the most possible runners to participate in Berlin, the org supervisor Hajo Palm reacted quickly: The starting place quota has been raised from 25 to 35! This arrangement is only valid for the 4-person relays since the other competitions (2-person and 10Plus relays) still offer sufficient available starting positions. Another increase is excluded in all cases for the organizational limits are stressed for this year.

Everyone longing for one of the extra starting positions of the Wall Race 4-person relays, should be quick and register immediately