The East Side Gallery is one of the top sights in Berlin; more than three million people visit it every year. Naturally, the course of the Wall Race leads along the ESG. On the 1.3 kilometers of wall ruins at Muehlenstrasse, artists have left their traces with large-sized murals. All this happened in 1990, shortly after the fall of the Wall. And until today the East Side Gallery is the longest open air gallery in the world und a memorial for the conquest of borders and conventions between people and societies. To preserve this state, since 1996 the Artists Initiative East Side Gallery is committed to permanently preserve and protect this unique place. The Wall Race supports this valuable work, and since the second edition in 2013 there is a close cooperation. One of the aid stations for the runners directly at the Gallery is hosted by the members of the initiative. Furthermore, every year one of the pictures from the ESG is placed on the 100Meilen finisher shirt.

This year the work „Worlds People – Wir sind ein Volk“ by the Russian artist Schamil Gimajew will be in the focus. The specialty: With 44 meters it is the longest picture of the East Side Gallery, even the pipes on the wall and the floor in front of the picture have become part of the artwork. With fine black lines Gimajew, born in 1954 in Kasan, opens a window to the past and the contrasts between war and peace, man and woman, black and white. But his home of choice Rheinsberg, Kreml and Eiffel tower as well as the Brandenburg Gate are found.

Artists Initiative East Side Gallery