At least 138 people have lost their lives at the Berlin Wall. Their names and faces are unknown to most of us, since the fate of the Wall victims dates back several decades. To commemorate them is one of the main concerns of the Wall Race. And thus the 100MeilenBerlin is every year dedicated to another victim. In 2017 Dorit Schmiel is honored, who was fatally shot in 1962 in an escape attempt.

Dorit Schmiel, called „Dorle“ by her friends, was born in the war year of 1941 in Berlin. She grew up in the East Berlin district of Pankow, became a taylor and worked in a publically owned company. Her displeasure and unrest began with the erection of the Wall in 1961. A year later she decides to leave the GDR together with friends. News about successful escapes – among them her cousin’s – encourage Dorit in her intention to dare the escape. In the night from 18 to 19 February 1962 the time had come: In the Pankower district Rosenthal the five friends have advanced towards the barbed wire of the border, Berlin Reinickendorf on the other side. Using a wire cutter they cut a hole into the first fence, crawled through mud and snow towards West. Close to the last two rows of fences the drama begins, the refugees are discovered by a border guard. Without a prewarning firing was started. Dorit was hit by a bullet in the stomach, one of her friends was injured as well. Dorit was bleeding briskly, crying in pain. In the People‘s Police Hospital in Berlin-Mitte, she finally succumbs to her wounds. The other refugees are convicted to prison for up to two years by GDR courts. After the fall oft he Wall the boader guards involved have been convicted to prison terms, which have been let out on probation.

In commemoration to Doris Schmiel and her fate the finisher medal of 2017 will carry her portrait.