As a solo runner or together in a relay: There are many ways to take on the running adventure of the Berlin Wall Race.

Solo runner

The grand challenge! About 160.9 kilometers alone, but supported by more than 400 volunteers at the total of 26 aid stations along the Wall Trail. Time limit: 30 hours. Along the route there are cut-off points (each aid station after aid station Teltow) which must be reached by a certain time.

2-person relay

The 100Meilen will be shared by two runners, but the changeover point is fixed. The changeover will be carried out in Sacrow. There are a total of 50 entries available and the time limit is 27 hours.

4-person relay

As indicated for the 2-person relays the changeover points are fixed for the 4-person relays. Changeover will occur in Teltow, Sacrow and Hennigsdorf. A change of clothes can be delivered to these places (collected at the start) and showers are available at some changeover points.  There are a total of 50 entries available, but the time limit is still 27 hours.

10plus relay

The 10plus relay competition was introduced in 2014. It offers participation in the Berlin Wall Race to runners who are not yet experienced in ultra or marathon running. Per relay at least 10 and up to 27 runners can participate. Changeover points can be freely chosen by participants.  As with all other relays, the time limit for the 100-mile challenge is 27 hours.