You might have already heard that the 100MeilenBerlin 2017 will take place on 12/13 August 2017. But what about the years after? To be able to plan competitions and preparation, the dates for the next years are scheduled:

11-12. August 2018 (running clockwise)

17-18. August 2019 (running counterclockwise)

15-16. August 2020 (running clockwise)

Normally the Berlin Wall Race takes place the weekend after the anniversary of the erection of the Berlin Wall. Though, when 13 August is Saturday or Sunday the race will be started on that weekend. In 2018, there will be a deviation from the general schedule. As there is an international championship taking place in the Jahn Sportpark, which is the start and finish area of the Berlin Wall Race, the race will start the weekend before the anniversary. Nevertheless, we could not avoid a clash of dates with the European Athletik Championships in the Olympic Stadium.