The decision was a hard one, but in the end health had to come first for Dr. Ronald Musil. He will withdraw from the org-team’s leading position, Hajo Palm will take over his responsibilities.

RonaldRonald hat to undergo heart surgery last December. Unfortunately, his recovery is taking longer than he expected, and this is why he decided not to carry the responsibility for the Berlin Wall Race 2015. He will execute his duties as the chairman of the LG Mauerweg till the next elections of the executives in December anyhow. Dr. Ronald Musil is co-founder of the club and idea generator for the Wall Race. His commitment in the past years is and will be an important factor of the success of the 100 miles race up to now.

HajoHis successor will be Hajo Palm, an experienced ultra runner himself. Hajo took up running in the 90ies and ran his first Berlin Marathon in 1996, with many more to follow. Several years later, a report on the Badwater Ultra caught his interest and got him into ultra running. Finally, in 2013, his dream came true and he finished the legendary Badwater Race.

The native Berliner has always been very passionate about the Wall Race as well: Hajo had been living in Kreuzberg, in the shadow of the Wall, and for him it was a must to run the 100MeilenBerlin. Now, as a three-times finisher, he knows the course and its characteristics very well. In his new position as race director and head of the org team, he will do his best to maintain the very special spirit of the race.