Obviously events like the Berlin Wall Race are not organizing on their own. Behind it stands a team of (ultra) running enthusiastic people, who are already looking forward to providing a great running festival to all participants.

orga-team bearbAlmost every 14 days the org team meets at the Berliner Jahn-Sportpark for a team leader session supervised by the overall coordinator Dr. Ronald Musil  (back row, 3. from the left).

Ronald is known as the “inventor” of Wall Race and started as an active runner in 2011. His great running love is still the “Comrades”. The 90 km cult race in South Africa serves in many ways as a role model for the 100MeilenBerlin.

Nina Blisse (back row, on the left) is the “finance minister” and in the position of the office manager of the organizing association LG Mauerweg Berlin e.V. She is as well responsible for the association funds. Furthermore her parents service an aid station every year at the southern Wall Trail.

Next to Nina Toralf Gerstäcker is seen: In 2013 and 2014 Toralf and his team  were responsible for an aid station at the “Meierei” in the Neuer Garten in Potsdam which is mainly famous for its home-brewed beer. It will remain like this in the future, but in addition Toralf will be overall coordinator of all 27 aid stations at the Wall Race – the speaker of the 300 volunteers so to say.

Silvia Hensel (right next to Ronald) is together with Friederike Sziegoleit (lower row, second from the left) part of the Team Timekeeping. At every aid station the time of the runners is registered. This requires great precision and responsibility. Support is provided by the timing company “Sportident” from Thuringia.

Barbara Speckner (next to Silvia) leads the Photography Team of the Wall Race. Her lovely designed Photo DVD is one of the highlights after the race. The DVD can be ordered again next year by all participants.

Hajo Palm (front row, on the right) is not only “Mr. Badwater” and an exceptionally gifted heat runner, but since 2014 Course Chief of the 100MeilenBerlin. Just the right man for this job since Hajo is an experienced ultra runner. He is supported by Bernd Kutz (standing behind him) and Andreas Deák (lower row, 3. from the right) – especially when it comes to the course markings.

Itta Olaj (next to Hajo) was already in 2014 on duty as a social media reporter (Facebook and Twitter) during the Wall Race almost around the clock. For the 2015 edition the native Austrian will additionally lead the International Team. This team will take care of the many foreign participants, both prior to and during the race. Itta is as well contact person for the 100Meilen ambassadors and responsible for the English website.

The young man in the front row (3 from the left) has a rather unusual task in the team of Wall runners: Eckhardt Seher is one of our broom runners! He accompanies (and sometimes also guides) the last runner. Our broom runners profit from their long-term running experience and their associated empathy – especially in critical situations which a runner can come into.

The man kneeling on the furthest left side in the lower row is responsible for Public Relations and web contents, Alexander von Uleniecki.  He is a marathon runner since 2003 and part of the Wall Runners from the very first hour on.

Not visible in this picture, but very important for the org team is Gabriele Noichl. Gabriele will be again Chief of the Start and Finish Area in the Jahn-Sportpark.

By the way, we are still looking for support! Whoever wants to join a great team and wants to move something, is invited to get in contact with us: hapalm@gmx.de (Hajo Palm).