Ash Tehrani is actually a native Australian, but Ash_Teranihas been living in London for some time now. And this year he faces his third participation in the Wall Race. Ash connects some very unique emotions with the 100Meilen Berlin and chose to take up on the Wall Race for his charity running campaign which covers the Thames Path 100 and the South Downs Way 100 (both in England) as well. Three 100-mile races to fight cancer or – to put it more positive – in the name of cancer research.

Cancer treatment has experienced great improvement in the past 40 years, which is reflected by the large survival rate. However, there are no means to finally vanquish this malicious disease. Ash dedicates his three runs to the Cancer Research UK, to further continue the battle. Follow the link to donate:

The organizers of the Wall Race support campaigns like this one by Ash and wish as many donations as possible! Please Participate!