Exactly 254 runners were registered for the second edition of the Berlin 100 Mile Race. At the end, 179 of them reached the finish line at the Lobeckstrasse stadium. And after 15:53 hours, Peter Flock was the winner. With this time, the Thuringian set a new course record. Second place took Federico Borlenghi from Italy, ahead of his fellow countryman Giovanni Torelli.

Results 2013

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Among the women, Annett Bahlcke from the LG Nord Berlin won the race in 17:13 hours. She also set a new course record and was placed third overall. Second and third place in the women’s category were awarded to Kerstin Fenzlein (LG Nord Berlin) and Martina Schliep (LG Mauerweg Berlin), respectively.

But regardless of  times and rankings, the bottom line is, and this is valid for every Berlin Wall Race: Everyone is a winner! This fits perfectly to the story of Ha-We Rehers: He interrupted his own race to support his injured running companion Maria Rolfes on the way to the hospital in Potsdam. He did not care about his own time in that moment. A few hours later, he continued with the race and finished, despite all obstacles, within 30 hours. Maria got well quickly and made another attempt on the Berlin Wall Trail in 2014.

Asher Senyk from Ireland

Ash Tehrani from Australia