John Kupferschmidt1Now he is possessed with ambition: John Kupferschmidt, ultra marathon runner from Berlin-Spandau, participated in all three Berlin Wall Races. And was successful! In 2015 he plans to be at the start again and of course to finish again.

But this time neither finisher shirt nor medal will be sufficient – John wants the buckle which is awarded for a total time of less than 24 hours! A true challenge for a runner who up to now symbolizes the rather comfortable running style and offers an appropriate running meet-up every first Sunday of the month at his running association LG Mauerweg Berlin – “Running slowly with John”. But Mr. Slowrun is supposed to change to Sir Buckle John, and John is training hard.

First step: Losing weight! Five kilograms are gone already. Another five will follow by abandoning carbohydrates to reach a “fighting weight” of less than 100 kilograms. “That should be enough. Add speed training and I am ready for the buckle”, John says self-confidently. Hardly anyone reckons this, but whoever knows the Spandauer has no doubt about his volition. And volition is known for moving mountains or conjuring buckles. Anyways, we keep our fingers crossed!