The Wall Race is already known for choosing the new and extraordinary ways of doing. This is also true for the supply of the runners along the course. From this year on, a new concept will be followed, which is going to easily abandon old habits. The motto: more green, more regional and above all more sustainable. In plain terms: the selection of food, which are offered during the 100Meilen is chosen to be regional.

Mike Ruf

Whenever possible, organic food will be selected. Negotiations are conducted with a regional supplier of mineral water, as well as with a bakery from Marienfelde who want to contribute their yummy oat-date slices. The concept is hosted by Mike Ruf (picture), who is part of the org team, and has been developed together with the nutrition expert Andreas Binninger. It is designed to provide 10% vegan food at every aid station (VP). In general, there will again be a great variety on the way, each aid station is meant to be individually different and provide a little surprise. 

Another great concern is the avoidance of trash. The known flood of plastic cups as a common picture at many running events is to stop now. Whenever possible, plastic cups should be avoided at the 100Meilen. An ecological alternative are dried and formed palm leaves which will decompose within three months.