To avoid things to go wrong on 12 and 13 August, we want to create ideal preconditions for you in these defining months of preparation. So we wondered: What have been the reasons for participants quitting at our and other 100 mile races?

Of course, the weather will always be a surprise, and there are many more factors, which we cannot control. But with the causes being suboptimal training  organization, unsuitable nutrition strategy or faults in the mental sector we might be able to help you. Exactly for those topics we were able to win three experts, who will be at your side with all their knowledge over the next months.

This is our 100Meilen expert team:

Michael Irrgang for questions concerning training,

Andreas Binninger for the topic nutrition and

Prof. Dr. Oliver Stoll for the mental component, which is as well very important during such a long distance run.

Please click here for a selection of the questions and answers that have reached us so far.

If you require advice in one of those topics, please write an email with your question to Matthias Landwehr /, who is an experienced ultra runner himself and who will coordinate our experts offer in the scope of the Wall Race 2017. Questions and answers that are of general concern will be published on our website.


The fine print:

This consulting offer is directed towards the enrolled participants, who are named in the starting list of the Wall Race 2017. If you are a solo runner, please state your full name. If you are a member of a relay team running an ultra distance, please state your relay name as well. By sending an email to, you agree to the possible publication of your question and the supplied answer. Text cuts are reserved.