Since 2011 the LG Mauerweg Berlin e.V.  has organized the Berlin Wall Race – the 100MeilenBerlin.

Why just 2011? Well, with the 50th anniversary of the erection of the wall the ideal date was found for the „Race of Commemoration“. Already then it was under the patronage  of the former GDR-civil right activist Rainer Eppelmann. Nearly 100 runners joined the premiere – a tremendous organisational effort for the still small team of volunteers.

Since then the 100MeilenBerlin has developed quickly: For the second edition in 2013 already 250 runners were reported (the year before a short creative break was taken), in 2014 more than 300 runners (relay runners included) were registered, in 2015 there were already more than 600 participants, and in 2016 there was a record field of round about about 900 runners.

And furthermore: The winner of the 2014 edition, Mark Perkins, was able to set a fabulous new course record with a total time of 13:06 hours. Patricia Rolle from LG Nord Berlin is the new female course record holder with her winning time of 15:57 hours in 2015.

Retrospect 2011

Retrospect 2013

Retrospect 2014

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