They are a distinctive characteristic of our Wall Race, the 27 aid stations (VPs) along the 100-Mile course. No matter if hosted by private people, close friends, clubs or companies – with dedication and a great portion of enthusiasm, every year they are part of the team every 5 to 8 kilometers, and cater fresh energy and a lot of motivation.


VP 1 S-Bahnhof Wilhelmsruh (km 6.94)

Sportclub der Lebenshilfe Berlin SCL

VP 2 Lauftreff Luebars (km 12.63)

LG Pegasos Luebars

VP 3 Oranienburger Chaussee (km 18.37)

Team SanRoBi

VP 4 Naturschutzturm (km 23.07)

Team Naturschutzturm Hohen Neuendorf


VP info: One of the last former watch towers and now nature conservation tower hosts the aid station in Hohen Neuendorf. The Waldjugend team is very involved in supporting the race since its premier.

VP 5 Frohnau (km 29.87)

Team Laktat3

VP 6 / Changeover point 1 Ruderclub Oberhavel (km 33.93)

Cut-off Solo: 11:45, Cut-off Relay: 12:30

Team Ruderclub Oberhavel

VP 7 Grenzturm Nieder Neuendorf (km 38.68)

Team Berliner Vollmondmarathon


VP 8 Schoenwalde (km 46.20)

Still looking for volunteers…

VP 9 Falkenseer Chaussee (km 51.96)

Team Werner Consulting

VP 10 Karolinenhoehe (km 58.50)

Team Mauersberger & Kollegen

VP 11 Pagel & Friends (km 63.40)

The Pagel family


VP info: The legendary aid station in the Kladower Kuckuckstrasse at Pagel’s and their friends. Part of the Wall Race since its premier, party atmosphere included! The front yard is turned into a 100Meilen fan mile, an extra DJ puts the heat on – be surprised!

Test TestVP 12 / Changeover point 2 Schloss Sacrow (km 71.01)

Cut-off Solo and Relay: 19:30

Team Simple & Fun

VP info: The team of Maxi Dorgathen will supervide the aid stations in the beautiful park grounds of Schloss Sacrow for the first time. Maxi: „Only extraordinary things stay unforgettable. And the 100Meilen are unforgettable. We will try to provide a special moment in Sacrow for all participants.“

VP 13 Revierfoersterei Krampnitz (km 77.23)  

Mike Stoewer and the Waldjugend

VP 14 Brauhaus Meierei (km 83.23)

Team Toralf Gerstaecker


VP info: Suppossedly there are runners, who only join the 100Meilen for the aid station at the Meierei in Potsdam… But that is only a rumor. Fact is, Toralf Gerstaecker’s team seves fresh and cool beer from the brewery next door. An intermin stop is worthwhile at least for this reason!

VP 15 Gedenkstaette Griebnitzsee (km 90.13)

Forum zur kritischen Auseinandersetzung mit DDR-Geschichte im Land Brandenburg e.V.                                                                       

VP info:
 Motto of the volunteers of the Potsdamer club is: „Against indifference“ Why? „Only in this place at the Griebnitzsee the last original Wall remains can be found. They silently press charges against the SED system of injustice, hold alive the memory of the victims of the Wall and display the difference between dictatorship and democracy.“

VP 16 Koenigsweg (km 97.00)

The Thiel family


VP info: The Thiel family lives directly at the Koenigsweg and joins in with passion since 2013. Hot potatoes and fresh coffee are always served here. Unforgettable: The Australian runner Tia Jones was ready to quit, but stayed in the race with the help of persuasion and cuisine and medical help, and placed third eventually.

VP 17 / Changeover point 3 Sportplatz Teltow (km 103.20)

Cut-off Solo: 00:30, Cut-off Relay: 00:00

Team City of Teltow

VP info: Since 2013 the city of Teltow is on duty for the 100Meilen with many employees in the Jahnsport gym. Here the tired runner can find everything he or she dearly desires: showers, matts for refreshment naps and the legendary noodle soup! The motto of the Teltowers could not be more true: Always forward, never backward!

VP 18 Osdorfer Strasse (km 109.70)

Polizei SV Lichtenrade

VP 19 Lichtenrade (km 115.40)

Team Andreas Roth

VP 20 Kirchhainer Damm (km 119.77)

Team Nina’s parents

VP info:
 The specialty at the Kirchhainer Damm aid station, run by the Blisse family and their  friends, are their several handmade treats. Cakes, cookies, bread or meatballs – everything is made by the volunteers. And at night a warm dish is served again, pasta or a soup. The spoiling factor is increased by chairs and loungers, which invite for a short stay.

VP 21 Buckow (km 126.20)

Team Muddastadt GmbH

VP info: Here things get going with the original life-sized 100Meilen Buddy Bear. Loud music and great atmosphere – the motto of the aid station in Buckow. Or better: It them, who always laugh.

VP 22 U-Bahnhof Rudow (km 131.10)

Team Thomas Moschell

VP 23 Johannisthaler Chaussee (km 137.00)

Team Audio e.V. Adlershof

VP 24 Dammweg (km 142.70)

Team BSS Berlin

VP 25 East Side Gallery (km 148.50)

Kuenstlerinitiative East Side Gallery

VP 26 Wilhelmstrasse (km 153.78)

Verein Danke Deutschland

VP 27 Gedenkstaette Guenter Litfin (km 157.10)

SCC Rennschnecken and SCC Grunewalker