In 2011 the first 100-Miles Race along the Berlin Wall Trail was carried out. Back then no one would have anticipated the rapid development the 100MeilenBerlin. There were less than 100 runners at the starting line, whereas the Berlin Wall Race in 2014 counted 300 starters. And even in its fourth edition, on 15-16 August 2015, the number of participants is expected to be similar.

Dear friends of the Berlin Wall Race,

we all wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the year 2015! Especially healthiness!

We are ourselves very curious about the fourth edition of the Wall Race, because every run is different and exiting in its own way. We will do everything to provide an international ultra running festival – rely on it!

The Berliner Wall runners

The peculiar attractiveness of this event is not only the athletic challenge (British runner Mark Perkins set an incredible course record of 13:06 hours in 2014), but particularly the historical background. Since with every meter the participants cover on the Berlin Wall Trail, they are reminded of a painful chapter in German history. After all, the Wall Trail runs exactly where until 1989 walls and barbed wire separated people in eastern and western Berlin from each other. The mostly paved walking and biking path is a big lap around western Berlin.

2015 will be run counterclockwise, the direction is changed annually. However, the start and finish will be unchanged, thus very close to the Mauerpark (Wall Park), at the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark. Several competitions will be featured again: In addition to solo runners (limited to 350 starting places) there is also the option for relay teams with 2, 4 or 10-plus (10 to 28) members. The time limit is 30 hours for solo runners and 27 hours for relay teams.