On 13 August 1961 the GDR regime started to erect the Berin Wall. From this day on, until Karlheinz-Kube-kleiner1989, many have tried to overcome the concrete and and barbed wire. At least 138  people were killed at the former border. Among them was Karl-Heinz Kube, who was shot in an escape attempt. The Berlin Wall Race on 13 and 14 August 2016 is dedicated to him, on behalf of all the victims. 100 miles along the former border, 100 miles against forgetting.

For the first time in the still young history of the Berlin Wall Race, the course leads through Brandenburg Gate, a symbol for the division of Germany as well as for the reunification. On this occasion there will be a special action: Shortly before the runners reach Brandenburg Gate, approximately at kilometer 7, they will come upon a wall consisting of wooden bricks. Following the Berlin Wall Runners‘ motto „running without borders“, this wooden wall will be torn down piece by piece, it will literally be „run down“. Each participant can take a brick and carry it through Brandenburg Gate. Ultimately the wall will have completely disappeared.

You can learn more about this unique action and all the other highlights of the Berlin Wall Race 2016 in our new presentation of the race course:

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