With no doubt the Wall Race is a great athletic challenge. Once again in 2015 on 15-16 August: 160,9 kilometers are to be covered on the Wall Trail. But Berlin’s 100 miles race is a 80_11_22_Jirkowskylot more. It is a “Run of Commemoration” as well. Since with every meter covered by the runners along the former border strip around the former West-Berlin they take a stand. A stand against oblivion. Between 1961 and 1989 at least 138 people were killed trying to cross the inner German-German border in Berlin. Thus every year the Wall Race under the patronage of the former GDR civil rights activist Rainer Eppelmann is dedicated to another victim of the Wall.

This year Marienetta Jirkowsky is commemorated, who was shot at in 1980 when attempting to escape and shortly after died of her injuries. The finisher medal of the Wall Race 2015 and the Back-to-Back-medal will show her image. Please read more about Marienetta’s fate in our new category “Commemoration”.

The Berlin Wall Race is carried out since 2011. Inducement for its premiere was the 50th anniversary of the erection of the Wall. From then on the 100MeilenBerlin is every year carried out on the weekend following the 13 August.

Almost no one knows the course of the Berlin Wall Race better than three times finisher Hajo Palm. This makes our chief ot the org team the perfect guide for the video presentation of the course, realised together with our partner sportfanat.de.

The Wall Trail is a mainly paved cycling and walking path. Till the Fall of the Wall this path was patrolled by the GDR Border Troops. The Wall itself is hardly found anywhere, only single remains are left – like the world famous East Side Gallery or the border strip at the Bernauer Strasse at the memorial “Berliner Mauer”. The running track will again lead past here this year.

In hindsight the Wall Race has experienced a great development. At its premiere in 2011 about 100 participants were counted, meanwhile there are more than 300 runners from all over the world following the traces of German history and searching for an athletic challenge at the same time. From an athletic point of view Mark Perkins set an extraordinary example last year. Mark crossed the finish line after incredible 13 hours and 6 minutes at the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark – and even with a beaming smile…