Registration for the Mauerweg run starts at October 3 


The 100MeilenBerlin 2014 is only just over with all its impressions, emotions and experiences and we do already think about the future. Starting on October 3 (“Anniversary of German unification”), you can register for the next Mauerweg run on August 15-16, 2015 – as solo runner or relay team. The online portal will be activated at 12:00 am.
The course will be run anti-clockwise, which means we will start on the Mauerweg in northerly direction. As you know, the change of direction takes place every year. Furthermore, there will be some innovations next year, which we will present in detail in the 100Meilen Announcement in the coming weeks.

Mark Perkins and Grit Seidel have won the 2014 edition 

What an incredible win in a sensational time: English runner Mark Perkins (photo) has won the third hosting of the Berlin Wall ultra-marathon. Perkins, exploiting the perfect running weather for the 100 mile loop around west Berlin, won in a time of 13:06:52 hours, annihilating Peter Flock's previous record of 15:53. In second place was the Italian Marco Bonfiglio in 14:04 in front of local Berlin runner Patrick Hösl at 15:19.


In the women's pack Martina Schliep from the organising club LG Mauerweg Berlin managed a thrilling second place in 18:59. First place in the women's category went to Grit Seidel running for LG Nord Ultrateam who crossed the finished line in 18:16. Third place was claimed by Canadian Veronique Bourbeau, finishing in a time of 21:19.

All results for the third running of the Berlin Wall 100 miler:



Please click here for more race reports in German

Maerkische Oderzeitung took a lot of pictures at Naturschutzturm (Aid Station 23): photo gallery

The 2014 event was also covered by our media partners at with great pictures and exciting commentary (in German). More videos are available at (German with English subtitles).


Greetings from the Patron Rainer Eppelmann

Rainer EppelmannDear Runners, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am happy to see how the Berlin 100-Meilen Run has developed into such a success story and is attracting more participants than ever in 2014. 25 years after the fall of The Wall this is an impressive way of remembering the inner German border and its fall in 1989.

From one day to the next, the Berlin Wall divided families, separated friends and made a normal life in Berlin nearly impossible. Personally I was not able to attend my school  from August 1961 onwards, others lost their jobs or university placements.  Above all, this monument became a trap for the 17 million people locked-in. Especially for those that were brave or desperate enough to escape the GDR yet paid for their attempts with long prison terms, heavy fines or even with their lives. 

This year we want to especially remember one of the most joyful monuments in recent German history 25 years ago, on 9th November 1989, the majority of the GDR population had enough of inprisonment and dictatorship. The citizens opened the borders and The Wall finally fell. Today only a few remnants of The Wall are left to remind us of this inhuman border that locked-in West Berlin while also turning all of the GDR into a prison. Therefore, it is very important to remember the decades of German division and of course all of its victims.  

The Berlin 100-Meilen event along the former Berlin Wall path has become a major achievement. I hope it will continue to grow as successfully as it has the past few years and continue to attract many exceptional athletes to run this historic course. I wish every participant a successful run.

Sincerely yours,  
Rainer Eppelmann


Slipping On History: The Finishers-Shirt

This year the 100Meilen-Finishers-Shirt will display artwork from Berlin's East Side Gallery.  It illustrates the special rock music art of The Wall image by American artist Lance Keller and the legendary British band Pink Floyd. While Pink Floyd was performing in 1990 at 'Potsdamer Platz' in front of thousands of people, Lance was brushing the record cover of the rock opera "The Wall" onto the Berlin Wall.  In September 2013, Pink Floyds co-founder Roger Waters came to Berlin to protest the partial demolition of the East Side Gallery, and as a result Lance Keller's artwork had to be on the 2014 shirt! 

100Meilen-Organiser Dr. Ronald Musil (left) gets a chance to meet Roger's manager Andrew Zweck (right) at the East Side Gallery in late 2013 showing off both the new design as well as the green Original-2013-Finisher-Shirt.

Special thanks to „Künstlerinitiative East Side Gallery e.V.“ for the ongoing support and cooperation!

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